About Us

What were you doing during 1967 - the Summer of Love?

For two former Dexion employees, it was a time of enlightenment.

Whilst the rest of the world was creating havoc in what was to become known as the Summer of Love, John Wheal and Mike Henderson were in a corner of Kent quietly getting on with their own revolution- creating West Kent Distributors, one of the first storage centres in the UK.

Choosing Sevenoaks as their base, John and Mike decided the time was right to set up an industrial and commercial storage company that put customers first. The decision was a good one, and within a few years Geoff Bishop Smith had joined them. By the 1980s, they had outgrown their original premises on the Vestry Road Trading Estate and moved to the Bourne Enterprise Centre.  They also decided to formally change their name to the more memorable WKD Storage. 

As the original founders retired, their replacements were carefully chosen to take the business forward. Kevin Mclean who joined in 1999 and Trevor Lilley, who followed him in 2004 continued to seize opportunities to develop the company and purchased the Kings Cross Truck Company in 2012. In 2017 they led the 50th anniversary celebrations. 

From a single bay of shelving to a complete warehouse refit. 

Today, the company is one of the longest serving distributors of Dexion products and are approved agents for the South East of England. With a highly experienced team of designers, engineers, safety qualified inspectors and professional contract management, and 50 years of experience to call on, they are all set to continue to deliver great products to their customers for the next 50 years- and beyond.


WKD Storage Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of quality industrial and commercial storage products like Dexion Shelving, Dexion Racking and much more... We are approved Dexion agents for the South East of England. Skilled and experienced designers and engineers, safety qualified inspectors, professional contract management – for small or larger storage projects from a single bay of shelving to a complete warehouse refit.